Sunday, June 19, 2016

❝ About the Blogger ❞

Hey! My name is Ashley and I'm from the DM{V}. 
I go by Ashcash Billionaire or Mixed Ariel. 
Ever since I've dyed my hair red, people have been calling me the Mixed Ariel. I don't mind at all, growing up, Ariel has always been my favorite Disney Princess. I'm sure I've been her for Halloween like six or seven years in a row. 

My whole entire life I have been a writer. My mom always likes to tell people that I could sit down with my homework and whip out a story or poem in five minutes. Whereas my older brother, AJ, could not even write a sentence in five minutes. It's okay though, he's the math kid in the family. Math is not my forte. 
I have such a love for words and the stories that people can tell with such beautiful words. I've always wanted to be one of those people - the ones who can inspire people the way I have been inspired by words. 
It's a way for me to express my feelings, whether they be deep and dark thoughts or sunshine and love. 

I'm a Sagittarius and I've always been a true Sagittarius, even back before I even knew what a zodiac was and what the stars could hold for me. People think I'm crazy for believing in the stars, but they've always been there for me, so to me there is something to believe in. I admire the stars and the skies for being so vast, and I have such a love for the unknown and what it could possibly hold. 

I have gone my whole life loving animals with such an intense passion, I became a vegetarian for them. Well, more like a flexitarian (which is the proper term). It's honestly exceedingly hard to be a vegetarian when you're part of a huge Italian family. However, a flexitarian is someone who has mostly a plant based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat. I am a vegetarian solely for the animals; therefore, I only eat organic, all natural, antibiotic free meat. 
Fun Fact: I own two Bearded Dragons, and I love them very very very much. 

I'm a flower child with a gypsy soul, suffering from a very severe case of Wanderlust.
{Wanderlust (n.) : A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world}. 
I'm a girl with big dreams, and with that being said I aspire to travel the world. But I don't just want to travel the world, I've got to make money somehow right? To pay for all of my trips and expenses? Well, I want to be an author. A best-selling author. And that's one of the reasons why I'm here. I want to get my work out there, and of course I can't post full novels but I can share short stories. I want people to get a feel of my writing and see me as an author. 
I also want to inspire people with my poetry, my words... my thoughts. To let them know they aren't alone, or they are loved, that this world is beautiful but also incredibly scary all at once. But that is the beauty of this world. 

And the beauty of this world, is so misunderstood. 

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