Saturday, July 2, 2016

❝ Feeding My Shopping Addiction ❞

Let me just tell you guys, I have been out shopping for the past three days. I can say I shopped 'til I dropped... and mean it 100%. I spent so much time at the mall, by the time I was done shopping each day, I came home and laid in my bed and could not move; I even took a nap one of those three days. 
But, I will say I am proud of my shopping addiction. It's okay to have a little shopping therapy. Although I don't know if I can even call it that because I've been out of school and not doing anything but blogging and Instagraming since school got out! 

I went to Altar'd State with my friend Linda on Day 1 of Feeding My Shopping Addiction. Altar'd State can be related to Free People or Urban Outfitters in the style of their clothes. They do have rather expensive clothes, but they're not quite as expensive as Urban or Free People. However, they were having a semi-annual sale so all the items on sale were an extra 60% off which is really good! 
That day I only bought a pair of circular sunglasses with daisies on the top of the glasses (Sunglasses will be seen in the pictures). I'm very into boho sort of things lately and dedicated this summer to very boho-ish things. Though, I do like to think of myself as a hippie. ✌
On Day 2 of Feeding My Shopping Addiction, I went out to get Ramen with my mum since she hasn't had it in a restaurant before... or more like a ramen bar in whole foods. After we got lunch, we went back to Altar'd State, but to a better one with a lot more clothes and sale items. My mum got super cute shoes and a top. I got a blue, flannel dress that I have been dying to have for a while now... but I waited and with patience, I finally got the dress, and at a really great price! I got another shirt and some jean shorts, but unfortunately, those will not be shown today in this blog post. 

On Day 3, the third and final day of Feeding My Shopping Addiction, I went with my friend Linda (again), to Tyson's Corner mall. And let me tell you, they had some great sales going on. I think we went on Thursday this week (June 28th). Urban Outfitters had an extra 30% on sale items (not great but good for Urban Outfitters I guess), but I didn't buy anything from there. 
We went to a store called Garage right after, and they were having a great sale. I believe it was an additional 60% of sale items just like Altar'd State. There I bought a patterned pencil skirt that I actually have had my eye on for awhile, but again... I waited and it pulled through! 
I work for a government contracting company this summer and need some fancy-ish clothes to wear and this pencil skirt was perfect, and only $6!
I also bought a gray, plain tank top that hangs loosely under the arms so it shows a little bit of the side and back (will be shown in pictures) and despite that it was so plain, I loved it! 

And of course, still on day 3, I hit up Altar'd State yet again and found a pair of shorts that I wanted so badly at the other two but they did't have my size! And sure enough, at the one in Tyson's. They had my size! So I bought them without hesitation. I am currently wearing them right now and they are the most comfortable shorts ever. I will definitely be taking pictures in them eventually! 

Wet Seal was next on the list and they had a deal on Bras: buy one get one for $4. I thought that was pretty great considering their bras aren't very expensive to begin with so why not! 
But before that, when I first walked in, Linda spotted these amazing shoes! And they had my size (size 10) which is so weird because usually it's so hard to find my size in stuff like that! So I jumped on that super quick and kept them under my arm the whole time, I did not let go until I was at the register! 
Back to the bra, I got a lacy, royal blue, razor back bra that is super comfy and so cute underneath things (will be shown in pictures). And I also got a black sports bra with neon yellow trim because you can never have too many sports bras!

The last place I went was Lush. And I could go on and on about Lush! Bath bombs are literally the most perfect thing on this earth. They're relaxing and fun and make absolutely perfect gifts for really... just about anybody. My cousin (Xoxokryssie) and I were talking about how they are the perfect gift for just about anybody, if you're stuck on coming up with ideas and don't know what to get someone. Or just put a bath bomb in someone's present just because, they're guaranteed to love it. 
Anyway, I got the Lava Lamp bath bomb this time because my cousin told me it smelled great and the bath was a bright orange, so I was super excited about it and can't wait to use it!

It's not always so bad to feed an addiction, I guess. :) 
Below are pictures of the outfit and mostly new items that I got on my days of Feeding My Shopping Addiction. 

Sunglasses ➳ Altar'd State
Tank Top ➳ Garage 
Bralette ➳ Wet Seal 
Jeans ➳ American Eagle 
Shoes ➳ Wet Seal 
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