Thursday, November 30, 2017

❝ My Birthday & New Projects ❞

SAGITARRIUS SEASON!!!! It's been Sagittarius season for a few days now but today is my BIRTHDAY!! Despite people trying to skip over my birthday and go straight from Halloween to Christmas, it is great. LOOK I UNDERSTAND Christmas is a great time, but let's celebrate November first, okay? (: 

It's also such a beautiful day; it is currently 64 degrees and sunny on November 30th. We should be concerned because you know... global warming and climate change. BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING because the leaves look so beautiful against the bright sunshine and I just want to be outside all the time. This week has been really productive for me, because I have sat outside for hours doing work and writing. I started on some new projects that I will get to after I talk about my birthday. 

I get home last night a little after midnight and my roommate and friends surprised me with balloons and streamers and it was so cute! My roommate/friend framed a picture of the OG VCU squad from one of our first nights on campus and it is so adorable. She also got me a Kat Von D lipstick set which was so nice. I absolutely love it. We celebrated in my room with another girl, Tracy, who lives on my floor. Her birthday is also the 30th, we are birthday twins and I absolutely love her. This weekend is the real celebration though. 

Back at home we celebrated by going to Georgetown again, which is one of my favorite traditions. My mom got me a victoria's secret gift card because she said she figured I'd want to find bras that would show off my piercings. Wow, she knows me so well. (: She also bought me a sweater cardigan that I feel in love with at Old Navy. My cousin Stacey got me the cutest Sagittarius journal that all of my poetry will be going in! And my cousin Krystle got me Khloe Kardashian's Good American brand Sagittarius sweatshirt! It is literally my favorite sweatshirt of all time. Sorry Krystle and Daniella for making you wait such a long time to wear it and post pictures! They both got one too but wanted me to be surprised, so they couldn't post pictures in them. 

Krystle and I got our matching tattoos as well! For my graduation she made me a tattoo voucher for ONE cousin tattoo... but we got two! I will post pictures at the end of our tattoos. I will also attach my birthday outfit. I actually love it a lot, and I'm definitely going to be wearing this outfit more. 

As for my new projects, I have already published (well not officially but it is printed in a book) "The Artist Series". I have come up with two more series that I am going to be taking on and I am very proud of both of them. The first one is going to be called "The Fortunate Teller Series". You know how you shake a magic 8-ball, after you ask it a question, and then you get an answer? It's going to be based off of the questions one would get from shaking a magic 8-ball. 
My second project is going to be called "The Eunoia Series". Eunoia means: Beautiful thinking; a well mind. I think (and I decided this just now as I'm speaking) it is going to be a very inspirational piece and each poem will be based on a word. 
Examples: Tacenda - Things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence
Kalon - Beauty that is more than skin deep 
Psithurism - The sound of the wind through the trees 

I will now post a couple of the poems I've written from each project, as well as the pictures for my birthday outfit, and my matching cousin tattoos! (: 


"Don't Count On It" 

" The moon always falls short 
Of seeing the sun.
Her one true love. 
She always asked to see him
And see the way he shined 
And he always asked to see her
To see all her beautiful imperfections.
Just once…
Mother Nature always said 
“Don’t count on it” "

"Very Doubtful" 

" “Will I ever be truly okay again?” 
“Very doubtful,” he said. 
I admired his honesty. "


" Every word you threw at me
did not cut me like a knife. 
but instead, 
was carried away by the wind, 
through the trees, 
and that, 
was a beautiful sound. "

Okay, now for my birthday outfit and matching tattoo pictures!!!

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