Thursday, April 5, 2018

❝ National Poetry Month ❞

In honor of national poetry month, enjoy some of my poetry! I'm currently working on two projects right now: The Eunoia Series and How the Moon loved the Sun Series. I will post a few poems from there, and also just some of my favorite poems I've written. Okay, enjoy. (: 
The Eunoia Series

(n.) the color of a dying leaf 

"I saw the color in his eyes fade, 
Once so full of green, 
and so full of life. 
Sunflowers bloomed in the 
meadows of his soul. 
But the pigments started to change, 
and the leaves started to lose their coloration. 
His hope fell, 
fluttering to the ground, 
with the leaves
in the fall. 
But darling, 
this pain, 
it comes and goes 
just as the seasons do. "

(adj.) a sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear.

"The music was beautiful, 
I had forgotten how much I love to dance. 
The lyrics were lovely, 
singing of love in the moonlight,
the moon our only light. 
And you… 
you were prepossessing that night, 
the way you let me dance off beat, 
and sing out of key. 
I’d never forget this song, 
the way it made us feel. 
Those feelings may be gone,
and you may not be as beautiful as I thought, 
but that night was, 
and I’ll never forget.
This was our song, 
and it was very pleasing to hear,
even when you can’t be here."

(adj.) unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous.

"It started with a tingle;
a subtle vibration in my bones; 
a warm fuzziness in the pit of my stomach. 
It felt like a sigh of relief,
when a weight is lifted from your shoulders. 
It felt like the warmth on my skin, 
after stepping out in the sun. 
It felt like the wind in my hair, 
with all the windows down in the car. 
It felt like the rush of a rollercoaster. 
I had never felt anything like it before. 
I didn’t know loving myself 
could be such a marvelous feeling." 

How the Moon Loved the Sun 
"Even when the moon 
Gets her chance to see the sun. 
She’s still not close enough; 
He’s so out of touch." 

"He left and we both 
fell back in love with other people. 
What we had, 
Wasn’t meant for us.
Just like the sun and the moon;
We would love to love each other 
But we just couldn’t get it right."

"Just like the moon and the sun; 
I’d never get the pleasure 
Of basking in your light. 
Instead, I had to take you in pieces -
In the form of stars. 
And you... 
you didn’t need me to shine. 
But I needed you. "

Now for the Random poetry.


"You asked me to dance, 
and I was never much of a dancer, 
but I took your hand anyway. 
I admired how you took the lead, 
swaying, and lifting me up off my feet. 
I asked you to sing along, 
and you were never much of a singer, 
so you waved me off. 
You always said you hated, 
how my voice overpowered your own. 
So you never sang along."


"Our forever must’ve ended yesterday
Because that’s when you decided 
You no longer wanted to stay.
But an Aries will do 
What an Aries must do. 
But even as a Sagittarius...
I was never enough for you." 


"I wish we could’ve been more, 
I wish we could’ve seen the sun, 
after the rain. 
I wish we could’ve loved each other more, 
but we didn’t so now, 
we’re wishing on stars." 


"Remember the dreams we had? 
You said we’d chase the sun together.
You promised we’d get out of this town 
And go to the city
Where the streets were loud enough 
To drown out the sound in our heads.
You told me we’d have a wedding on the beach 
And three kids someday. 
You put these visions of forever in my head.
So how was It so easy for you to love
Somebody else?" 


"Your love withered away, 
just like the roses you gave me 
on Valentine’s day. 
But I was never a fan of roses, 
@sincerelysagittrius on Instagram. 
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