Saturday, June 25, 2016

❝ 300 Prompts ; Art ❞

Prompt #1: "What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?"

It seemed almost impossible for me to pick one, so instead, I picked three different kinds of art forms. 

{1}: "She picked up the pieces of her own broken heart and resembled it herself. She doesn't need to be saved, just loved". This is a poem written by one of my favorite poets, J. Iron Word. Reading it, is a reminder that everyone is broken; everyone has broken at least once in their lives. If only once, then wow... you're lucky. It doesn't take a lot to break, but there is a quaint beauty in the breaking. Broken is a beautiful beginning to so many wonderful things. When you break, you have the opportunity to build yourself back up, either completely different or completely the same. It's up to you, you are the architect of your own life. Take advantage of that. 
And no body in this world needs saving from this, it's inevitable but it's also very possible to get back up after you've been knocked down. No one can help you the way you can help yourself. 
But love always helps make the rebuilding a lot easier. 

{2}: "There, There" is a song by a band called The Wonder Years; I don't even listen to this band at all, but this one song just stuck out to me. It's such an emotional song about feeling as if you don't belong while you're being yourself. It's about giving your all but still feeling like you're not good enough. The first verse is basically just contradiction: 
"You're just trying to read, but I'm always standing in your light. You're just trying to sleep, but I always wake you up to apologize." 
The second I heard these lyrics it really just kind of hit home. The words, personally to me, are very relate-able. You're always trying to do something and then end up just being completely wrong and not helping anything at all. You're trying to read, but I'm standing in your light. How can you read when I'm standing in your light? You're just trying to sleep, but I always wake you up to apologize. How can you sleep when I keep waking you up? And that's the whole point; you think you're doing things right but they end up being wrong. But that's life. 
The second verse is the honest truth, that I personally relate to about who I am as a person: 
"I know how it seems, when I always sing to myself in public, I babble on like a mad man. I know how it seems when I'm always staring off into nothing, I'm lost in my head again." 
Again, this is about being yourself but feeling so out of place in a world where conformity is the only thing that makes sense. When sticking to the status quo is what everyone expects from you. Well, it shouldn't be. 
The chorus, which is short but sweet, consists of a line that is repeated multiple times in the song: 
"I'm sorry I don't laugh at the right times". 
This song can mean many different things, depending on how one interprets life and the world. 
The lyrics are contradicting, true, sincere, and touching. I don't do this song much justice, you should here it for yourself so I'll leave this here just in case: 

{3}: The third form of art that I love is a picture that I saw one day and couldn't get out of my head ever since. 
"Life and Death have been in love for longer than we have words to describe. Life sends countless gifts to Death. And Death keeps them forever."
The words and the picture made me speechless the first time I saw it. 
And honestly, words aren't even needed to describe this meaning and this picture. It's all right there. 
It's the beautifully tragic truth. 
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