Thursday, June 30, 2016

❝ 300 Prompts ; Our World ❞

Prompt #2: "Is our world today a better or worse place than it was when you were a kid?" 
As we get older, the world becomes a worse place. It's not that it changed, it's more like the people change. 
Your best friend is not your best friend anymore. The girl or guy that you loved becomes a distant stranger. You fight and can't wait to get away from your family. Meanwhile, kids are dependent on each other; they're dependent on their friends, and their families. 
But as we get older, we become independent and that's great, but it also pushes us away from the people we used to know and love. 
As a kid, everything is beautiful. We ran wild, catching fireflies and the only scary thing were the monsters underneath our beds. But now, as adults and teenagers, we've got skeletons in the closet. The monsters under our beds were just shadows from clothes we had shoved under there when cleaning our rooms. 
We lie. We hurt - ourselves and others. We cry. We fight. We hate. 
As kids, school was all about friends and having fun while we learned. Now, school is a competition for popularity and the next best grade. It doesn't matter how we get that A+ grade anymore, as long as we get it. It's about GPA's and we've seemed to lose ourselves along the way. 
People change. The world doesn't change... it simply adapts to us. 
Our worlds go from being innocent, to being corrupt. 
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