Sunday, July 31, 2016

❝ Outfit Obsession! ❞

I have to admit, I found my current favorite outfit ever yesterday. 
And I knew it was my favorite outfit as soon as I tried it on in the dressing room. 
I literally said: "Oh my god, this is my new favorite outfit..." 
Yesterday, my cousin, Krystle (xoxokryssie) and I went to Nordstrom Rack. Let me tell you, Nordstrom Rack is the place to go. You can find great deals on so many clothes it's ridiculous. 
Not going to lie, if you're ever looking to get a pair of Calvin Kleins. Go to Nordstromg Rack (or TJ Maxx). I love Calvin Klein but I'm not willing to pay $28 for a bra and $28 for panties. You can get a two-piece bra set for $20. That's a much better deal. 
But anyway, we decided to take a girls trip out to the big Nordstrom Rack only half an hour away from us. It has such a huge selection, I could spend my whole day in there but then my wallet would probably be in tears. I had originally went in there to only spend $10 because I had a free $10 and with as many clothes as I have I probably didn't need anything else. 
But somehow Krystle and I found ourselves at a clearance rack, which was an extra 25% off the mark down price... Let's just say our arms were full of clothes. 
At this point I already found my $10 item I had wanted, which was just one pair of plain black leggings. Because, you can't have too many leggings right? 
But then Krystle picked up these pants, marked down to $9.90 with an extra 25% off. They were a size 2 but they looked stretchy so she made me try them on. And then I found a grey crop top shirt that looked exactly like one I've been wanting for months now. Marked down to $9.89 with an extra 25% off. I got a few other items as well and we went back into the dressing room for the second time. 
As soon as I put the size 2 pants on, I instantly knew it was such a good idea to try them on. I should probably thank Krystle, so if you're reading this Krystle... THANK YOU!
They were the cutest pants EVER! And they felt so good, I've never been a size 2 in my whole life but these fit perfectly. And not to mention they made my butt look really good. And having nothing else to try my crop top shirt on with (since I was wearing tie dyed shorts), I tried it on with the pants. 
And that was also such a great idea because it just completed an amazing outfit. It was one of those moments where my outfit looked so good in the dressing room, I had to take a pic for snapchat. 
I was actually obsessing over it. Krystle had told me before we left my house (before I knew I was going to be buying a cute outfit), to put on a cute outfit so we can take blog pictures. (The blogger lifestyle, right?). However, when we got back from shopping, I changed my outfit into the outfit I had on in the dressing room because I couldn't resist. And let me say, I was not having the best morning which made my day not so great, but once I put on a cute outfit I felt like I was on top of the world. 
We headed over to a shopping center near us called Loudon One, because we wanted food and also needed a great place to take pics. And Loudon One has a nice park with a lake behind these beautiful houses. So we took pictures there, and in front of a barn that was right at the park. It was beautiful. 
Now, done with all my rambling. I will let you see this outfit that I had so much hype over. 
Gap Model in the making? 
 Shoes ➳ Target 
Shirt ➳ Nordstrom Rack : Brand ➳ BP. Collection 
Pants ➳ Nordstrom rack : Brand ➳ Current/Elliott
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