Thursday, August 4, 2016

❝The Colors of Love❞

It was the red of the autumn that you swept me off my feet, and you told me you loved me.
You told me you adored that orange sweater that I wore.   
How it stood out against the yellow sun that created halos over both of our heads.
And the green grass started to wither away, but you told me that my beauty would leads people’s eyes astray.
And with the blue waves crashing and falling, and carrying away every last care, I found peace with the indigo sky.
And the violet lights burned for you & me.

And as my heart bled in your hands, a shade of aching red, you told me you didn’t love me anymore.
And I burned that orange sweater that you loved, the yellow flames licking it up and casting shadows along the walls.
The green grass withered away completely, with each stride you took across the lawn. Away from me.
Your blue eyes still burned the back of my mind, and I regretted ever getting lost at sea.
The indigo night is but a memory I wish I could escape, for every time, I look up at that same sky… I know you’re looking too, only with someone else this time.
And the violet lights no longer burned for you & me. 
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