Tuesday, August 16, 2016

❝ To Whom It May Concern... ❞

To whom it may concern... 
I'm sorry. No, not for everything. I can't, and I won't be sorry for the things that I cannot control. 
But, I am sorry if I hurt you. 
If I betrayed you. 
If I lied to you. 
Or talked about you. 
I'm human. 
and I'm flawed. 
So flawed... so beautifully and tragically flawed. 
I'm sorry for leaving you. 
For loving you, too much or not enough. 
For not believing you, 
and for not trusting you when you said "I've got this". 
Maybe you did get it, and maybe you didn't. 
The bottom line is, I should've had faith in you. 
I should've supported you. 
But I'm human. 
And I mess up, 
and I have my fair share of mistakes, 
and I kinda suck sometimes. 
But I'm not sorry for being imperfect. 
I'm not sorry for having scars and a broken heart. 
I'm not sorry for making mistakes, 
or not being perfect. 
Perfect is boring anyway.
We've got a lifetime on this earth, 
why waste it trying to control the things that are so aesthetically wild.

To whom it may concern...
There is beauty in all your flaws, and all your mistakes. 
There's beauty in all the wild parts of you. 
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