Monday, October 31, 2016

❝ Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn ❞

I know it's been a super long time and I am so sorry. I know I also promised to make a post about my senior year and I'll get on that ASAP! I also have a sort of sad post I want to make but I've been so in denial about the situation I haven't be able to grasp exactly what happened. That is for another post though! 

My cousin Krystle and I decided to take a trip to DC for pictures and also because I wanted to go to the Renwick gallery. For those of you who do not know what Renwick is, it is an art gallery in DC that is full of contemporary and decorative art. It is a moving museum so they rent out their rooms to different artists and so it is changing all the time. 

It is a really cool concept and all the art is so beautiful, even though the rainbow strings weren't there. They did have the colorful net on the ceiling that was absolutely beautiful. Everyone was laying on the ground looking up at it and it was such a serene setting, I loved it. 

Not only was the art beautiful but so was the weather, it was the quintessence of a perfect fall day. The city was so lively and as a city girl who has been so deprived from the city for 17 years, I absolutely loved it. There was a group of guys right outside of the museum paying hocking with roller skates, it was really cool. 
After the museum, Krystle and I picked up her best friend Daniella and we went to Cox Farm's pumpkin patch type thing. We had a looooong talk about life in the car which is why I absolutely love Krystle and her friends. They are the type of people I can go to with anything because I know they won't judge me and they will support me. I trust Krystle and her best friend more than I trust a lot of people. 
Cox Farm was really fun, we got cider which I was super excited about because I loooove apple cider and fall is the best time to drink it, especially when you're at a pumpkin patch. We also got our cute little free pumpkins, and I fell in love with my pumpkin I'm pretty sure I named him George or something. 
Later that night we ended up at a haunted house in Maryland which was amazing. It was so scary and of course, I fell a bunch of times. My first instinct when I get scared is to just collapse. The haunted house was very scary though. Krystle ended up tripping out of the place running from a chainsaw. 

Bottom line, I am too excited for fall. Everything about fall makes me so happy! The activities, the smells, the colors, the tastes. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons and I love summer... I love the beach but I was so ready for fall. 
Although I am a little sad this is the last day of October because I live for haunted houses. I feel like my October went by too fast but IT'S A DAY AWAY FROM NOVEMBER WHICH IS MY BIRTH MONTH!! 

So, I kind of got off track because this is a fashion post! So I'll talk about my outfit now! 

I put together a cute outfit that was simple but pretty. It was a plain black shirt with the shoulders cut out. I paired it with my favorite blue, ripped jeans an my black knee high boots. I topped the outfit of with a red floral scarf and pulled my hair half up half down in, what I like to call, my Ariana Grande hair style. 



Shirt ➳ Express
➳ Charlotte Russe 
Jeans ➳ American Eagle 
Shoes ➳ Lord & Taylor
➳ MAC 
The lipstick is like a dark brown which I have been dying for this fall
and I absolutely love it; it's not too glossy but not too matte and it lasts a really long time. 
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  1. Awwwww, I love this post and I love YOU!!! Had so much fun with you! And yes you know you can trust me with anything! Don't you ever forget it! ❤️️