Sunday, October 2, 2016

❝ Your War, My Survival ❞

You're telling me not to shoot, 
but you're the one with the gun. 
If you've got your finger on the trigger, 
just shoot. 
I'll take the bullet, 
right to the heart. 
But little did you know, 
I was wearing a bullet proof vest. 
I may have been unaware of your intentions, 
I didn't think you'd actually shoot. 
But I always come prepared. 
And I should've known not to expect much from you. 

You're telling me not to blow up, 
but you're the grenade. 
You're the ticking bomb, just get it over with. 
Because I can withstand the blast, 
and I can bear the aftermath of your destruction. 
I have armor that is unbreakable and made of pure gold. 
So explode. 

I won't even flinch. 
So go ahead, check me into the insane asylum. 
Tell me I'm crazy. 
But let's remember this: 
I'm not the one creating a war inside my own head. 
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