Thursday, December 1, 2016

❝ 18 ❞

So... I finally turned 18!! 
As of yesterday I can be considered a legal adult. It honestly does feel amazing and I felt actually pretty nervous at first, but now... a day after my birthday I don't feel much different. 
All that it really means for me is that I can get another tattoo. (I love you mom). 

 I didn't really do anything interesting on my actual birthday, I just went to school and went out to dinner with my family. 

Last Saturday though, my family and I went to Georgetown like we always do the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We go to this really good Italian placed called Filomena. They seriously have the best salad bar ever. I'm not even a salad person, despite the fact that I am a vegetarian.... 

After lunch we walk around Georgetown, since we don't get out there much. Not as much as I'd like to at least. I was very excited for this day because I loooove the city and DC and Georgetown are the closest lively cities around me so whenever I get out there I get very excited.

We went shopping afterwards at the Forever 21 in the city, and it is honestly so much better than the store at my mall. But then again, Dulles seriously SUCKS. 
We shopped around and I bought (finally) the dress I'm going to wear to the club on Saturday with Krystle! It is so cute. However, I won't touch too much on the club subject because I'm more than likely going to make a post about it. 

My actual birthday (November 30th) was actually a really great day. I got lots of birthday wishes from friends and family. They were all very sweet and I wanted to thank everyone for that! So thank you! :) 

I also ended up getting the iPhone 7+ in rose gold and let me tell you... it's absolutely beautiful. Like it really is. I've only had it for a day and I held my old phone today and hated it. The plus is honestly a lot better than the regular one. It's also not as big as people think it is. But personal preference, I get it. 
Regarding the missing headphone jack, it's really not that bad. I mean, that's coming from someone who barely uses headphones anyway, but the adapter is tiny and doesn't really get in the way. I was skeptical at first, now I'm not. 

Anyway, since I'm claiming this as a fashion post I want to get on to the fashion part of it. 
I ordered jeans from Fashion Nova back in the beginning of the summer. They're extra tripped, like the kind of jeans where the entire knee and thing is out basically. They're also high waisted but they're comfy. I love high waisted jeans but I don't wear them often because I find most of them uncomfortable. However, these jeans are so soft and stretchy and COMFY!
I also bought a shirt at Wet Seal in the summer and it is very boho and hippie chic and I love it and it's the first time I've worn it, I will admit. 

Overall it was an amazing birthday! I'm so thankful for everyone in my life right now and thankful for all the gifts and birthday wishes. I'm so blessed to be 18 (FINALLY) but now I can't wait for 21 :)

 Shirt ➳ Wet Seal 
Jeans ➳ Fashion Nova
Shoes ➳ Old Navy
Bralette ➳ American Eagle 
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  1. Awwww, I'm so glad you had an amazing birthday, my love! Can't wait to party with you!!!