Wednesday, January 4, 2017

❝ Domino Effect ❞

There were things about him, 

that I didn't quite understand. 

His mystery was intriguing. 

I thought maybe, 

I could figure him out. 


I could save him. 

He was brooding, 

and quiet, in his own way.  

I thought maybe, 

if I could get him to talk, 

he'd spill his secrets, 

and I could fix him. 

Little did I know, 

He was only going to break my heart, 

but I let him do it. 

Now it's my mystery that's intriguing, 

to those who don't know me. 

I brood, and I keep quiet, in my own way. 

And those who don't know me, 

they stop and stare. 

It's after he broke my heart, 

that I figured him out. 

Only then did I realize, 

I couldn't be saved, or fixed. 

And neither could he. 
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