Monday, January 16, 2017

❝ Where I'm From ❞

"Where I’m From"

I’m from Sterling,
I have been here for 18 years.
18 years too long it seems.
I was made from love,
and grew up with just that.
I was raised on the little things,
like goodnight moon stories before bed,
songs in the car,
and stories during holiday dinners at grandmom’s.
My best friends just happened to be
my brother,
and my cousin.
And they still are.
We are a close knit family.

I was made from sadness.
We had a lakehouse,
as a family.
But that lost its magic,
when she left us
back in 2011.
You’ll forever be missed,
my beautiful aunt,
my second mother.
But you helped me see,
that life is short,
and so I will live for you.

I am from hope,
I watched as my family,
carried on so strong.
And these strong men,
and women in my life 
are what carry me on.

I am from the Delisi family,
crazy italians.
We are the type of family
that screams over each other,
and then asks
after everyone is done speaking.
I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I am from the Newman family.
A family who may just love my granny’s
way-too-sugary mac and cheese,
a little too much.

I am from acceptance.
You may not like my tattoos,
or the color of my hair,
or the things I believe in.
But you will always accept me,
for me
And love me,
for me.

This is where I’m from.
for 18 years.
18 years too long, it seems.
But this is home.
I am from love.
Not just Sterling.

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