Monday, February 6, 2017

❝ Coffee and Photoshoots ❞

My favorite place around NOVA is DC... 
To me, NOVA is just so extremely boring. And maybe that's just me being a Sagittarius, but I'm super bored here. 
Anyway, my cousin and her best friend and I took a trip out to DC. 
I wanted to head out there to take pics in an outfit I got from Forever 21 because it is super cute. However, I have no clue when or where I would actually wear it other than a photoshoot. 
Our favorite coffee place is in DC so we obviously went there as well. 
On the way to DC, my cousin Krystle and her best friend and I had such an intense and deep conversation in the car. That is why I love my cousin so much, and her best friend, I can literally tell them anything. This has turned into a Krystle and Daniella appreciation post. 
ANYWAY we went to La Colombe, our favorite coffee place in DC. It is literally the best coffee, it is delicious. It is also always crowded when we go, you literally have to RUN to a table once it opens up. They have the best coffee, it's so good. They sell their canned coffee at Whole Foods too, I get those all the time!

When we finished our coffee we went outside, and yes it was freezing cold and yes I still wore a skirt. This outside has these beautiful murals and brick walls so we used that as our background. It is probably my favorite brick wall.  I know it's weird to have a favorite brick wall but it's really pretty! 

Here are the pics!

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