Friday, April 14, 2017

❝ Haikus ❞

So I wrote these Haikus for a scholarship, and I actually really like them so I'm going to share some. 
I'm also sitting outside right now, which I never do. But currently, it is 56 degrees and sunny. There isn't a breeze, the air is still and my god this weather is amazing. This is my favorite kind of weather. 
This is peaceful, and the birds won't stop singing. 
Okay anyway, my poems. :) 
Love and Life, Oh my.
So beautiful, but sad too. 
But I’m blessed to feel.
Her mind a disease, 
of what could have beens and love
that’s all poetry now

Heart of stone but eyes 
of pure gold and lips of soft
satin, she was trouble.

I was fire and you 
were too, we burned too bright and 
left third degree burns.
The taste of coffee, 
a mix of bitter and sweet, 
reminds me of you.

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