Wednesday, May 17, 2017

❝ The Power of Crystals - It's Real ❞

I know that some people are extremely skeptical about crystal healing and how crystals work in general. I don't blame these people at all, because in certain ways, despite that I love learning and buying crystals, I was a little skeptical too. I would buy all these crystals, and don't get me wrong, I had faith in them... but I didn't feel like they were exactly working the way I wanted them to. 

But then something happened, and my amethyst worked for me. Extremely well. So I got sick, twice... and both times were equally as bad but completely different. The first time I got sick, it started out with extreme neck pain and I had an extremely swollen lymph node that was swollen and felt like a golf ball in my neck. I couldn't move my neck. Then I got a really bad rash on my face and it was swollen, and then it spread to my arms and chest. I had sores on my throat that made it difficult to swallow and eat. So really, I didn't eat for that whole week. 

I overcame that illness, and I was feeling great on that Saturday and Sunday and Monday. However, on Tuesday I was sitting in my classes at school and I was FREEZING. I was shivering and nobody could understand why because it was hot in the school. I sat outside at the senior court and I was still shivering in the scorching sun. I went to the nurse multiple times and she checked my temperature each time, it wasn't until I was leaving at 2:30 that my temperature came out as 102. Before I left, I also started getting hot, and then I was a little cold again.

One of my friends had to come pick me up and take me home because I had no strength to drive home and I didn't really trust myself with the way I was feeling. The rest of that week I was home with a sore throat yet again and I couldn't eat or drink. 

But now let me back track... 

The night before I started feeling better, I held my amethyst crystal all night. I don't want to say I prayed to it, but I sort of asked it to heal me. I asked it to heal my throat, because I was tired of the pain. I fell asleep and woke up holding my crystal, and the next day I started feeling a lot better. 

Amethyst is known to be a healing crystal. It heals a person emotionally, physically, and spiritually. That is why I chose this crystal as the one I wanted to heal with. Of course, I ended up getting sick again, but when I felt like I was getting a little better, I held my amethyst all night and I asked it to heal me. The next day, I was so much better and I have been better ever since. 

Better in general. 

I felt happier, and I felt better about myself and my relationships and the people around me. I was going through some stuff with my best friend, and whereas the situation has not resolved itself at all, I felt better. I hadn't talked to her in weeks, maybe even a month because I felt like she was being anything but a friend. That was okay with me. Because she is happy and that's all I want for my friends. However, the situation was not one I want to be apart of so I removed myself from it and we stopped talking. But then my amethyst healed me emotionally and I felt happier with my life. In feeling happier, I started talking to her again and now we talk. Not like best friends, but we are talking and that's awesome. I also felt happier with my body. 

I was never sad with my life or anything, don't take this the wrong way. I was never sad but I was pretty neutral. I was just going with the routine because I had to. And we all know that Sagittarians get bored with that. Especially me, a daily routine leaves me feeling trapped so I wasn't necessarily the happiest person but I wasn't sad either. I was neutral, I didn't care. 

Now I hold my crystal every night and I'm extremely happy. I also have a lot of dreams now. I know that someone could call this a fluke and that's okay because maybe it is... but I don't care because I'm exactly where I want to be emotionally and I'm perfectly fine with that. :)
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