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❝ Poetry Appreciation ❞

Ever since I've gotten into poetry, it's really opened up my eyes and my mind. There are certain times when I need poetry more than other times. For me, poetry is a way to release all my creative energy whether it be the sad, happy, about love, about freedom, about anger. I write about what I feel when I feel it. 
However, reading it and writing it I feel are completely different. Writing it is a way to release the emotions that you may feel. Writing it is also a way to always remember that day and that time and what you felt when. Reading it makes you feel less alone in your happiness, sadness, love, anger and freedom. 
With that being said, I want to share some of my favorite poems that have really helped get me through a lot of things. My favorite poets, just in general, are: R. H. Sin, Samantha King, Robert m. Drake and Dru Anthony. 
the ones that 
did not know 
how to love you right." 
- Kayil York
I really enjoy this one because most people in life have gone through heartbreak. It is something that cannot be avoided or prevented, it just happens. However, if we were to dwell on all this pain, we would never find the person who can love us right. That's why I love this quote. You have to forgive the ones who couldn't love you right. It wasn't your fault. So forgive them and find the one who can. 
"The women with the highest walls, 
have the deepest love." 
- R. H. Sin
I really love r.h. sin because all of his poetry is so real and so to the point. I feel as though, the people with the highest walls to have the deepest love. They have loved so hard once, yet something caused them to build these high walls so that they don't let anyone in. But again, they love so hard but they have these high walls because some people just can't love them as deeply as they love. It's a shame, really. But it's also life.
"I'm not looking for perfect, 
just something worth believing in." 
- Samantha King
The truth is, perfect is boring. If everything were perfect, we'd all be the same and sorry but that's seriously boring. It's more important to find something worth believing in, than to find something that is perfect. Nothing is perfect, first of all. Second, it could be perfect... but if you don't believe in it, then what's the point? 
"I may be broken,
but it has made me kind 
and I will always 
be grateful for that." 
- Nikita Gill
I actually just found this poem the other day, but it really hit me hard. I think that being broken, because we all are, opens a person up to new perspectives... but only if the person is willing to see it. It has opened up my eyes. I see things differently, but I am still kind and I am grateful for every break because I understand and I with each healing process... I have grown closer to myself. 
the only form of suicide 
i could ever commit. 
pen to paper 
let my soul bleed 
all the words I have ever left 
- A. N. Moore
As I said before in the beginning, writing is my release for everything. So just know, if I know you personally, and you make me mad, sad or even happy... I've probably written about you. One of my poems is probably based off of you. Once I write down the words on paper, all the words I could never say out loud...That's their suicide, and their graveyard the paper I scribbled them on. They'll forever be memories, and in some time, the emotions I feel because of them will be dead. I think it's a beautiful process. 
"She was a lost bird in a deep blue sky
but when she spread her wings
she remembered how to fly" 
- Atticus
This is a poem I would love to get tattooed somewhere. (Sorry Mom. (: ). The thing I love about Atticus' poetry is that their not right to the point, they're very thought provoking. His poems, compared to r.h. sin's are very different but I like both forms of poetry. The thought provoking ones that are more metaphorical, and the straight to the point ones that make you think: Holy crap that is so true. This poem to me is very inspirational. Sometimes you get lost, but it just takes courage to find your way back. Or maybe you don't find your way back, maybe you're still lost and you're okay with that. Sometimes it is okay to remain lost, you find things about yourself and others when you're lost. My point is, if you're lost and you're scared... all it takes is a little bit of courage to find your wings and take off. 
"Tell me
she said. 
about our house
about our children 
and our gardens. 
about the life we will one day have 
tell me
but he never did
and it wasn't until she was gone
that he understood 
that she never needed the house
she only needed the dream" 
- Atticus
I honestly just read this one the other day and it really hit me hard... emotionally. For all the guys out there that are reading this... let me give you a little bit of advice regarding women. Because people just don't seem to understand this. (Atticus does obviously but everyone else needs to understand this). Atticus hit the nail on the head with these words. Women are emotional creatures, you can deny it all you want but we all know it's true. I am very emotional and I am the first to admit that and I am Not ashamed. BUT MEN LISTEN UP HERE OKAY. IF A WOMEN ASKS YOU QUESTIONS OR IF SHE ASKS YOU FOR REASSURANCE JUST GIVE HER THE DAMN REASSURANCE, IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HARD. JUST SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE. AND IF YOU CAN'T DO THAT THEN JUST LET HER GO SO SHE CAN MOVE ON TO SOMEONE THAT WILL GIVE HER THAT REASSURANCE. YEAH IT'LL HURT, BOTH OF YOU, BUT IT'LL HURT MORE IF SHE'S CONSTANTLY WORRYING AND YOU'RE CONSTANTLY FIGHTING BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO TELL HER ABOUT YOUR FUTURE GARDENS OR YOUR FUTURE HOUSE OR YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN. WHATEVER. PICK YOUR BATTLES, AND GIVING A WOMAN REASSURANCE SHOULD NOT BE ONE OF THEM. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LOVE HER, OR EVEN JUST LIKE HER ENOUGH. 
As humans, we all seek reassurance. Men do, women do, we all do. If you can't give that reassurance, then whatever it is isn't worth it. If you love her, if you love him, then give them the reassurance. I seriously cannot stress that enough. 
Side Note: I did not expect to write this much about this poem but I got a little carried away. :) 
"Oh how it feels to feel!
How truly lucky I am to just feel. 
To feel it all. 
To feel pain, to feel sadness, to feel joy, to feel anger. 

For a second there I forgot how fortunate I really am. 
Forgot about the energy in my bloodstream. 
That violent, unrestricted energy that moves me. 
Moves me to scream, and dance, and sing. 
To fight and fornicate, to kiss and make up. 
That feverish, relentless energy that takes me to where I want to go. 
I say,  "There" and I'm "there". 
You say "where" and we're halfway around the world. 

And to think...

The beauty of my body is half that of my brain!
How flawlessly we fit together. 
Awfully flawless. 
 I see things in color. 
I smell flowers in the springtime
I hear babies cry and airplanes fly and lectures from those 
who raised me.
I decide things and create things and take one thing and turn it into some other thing. 
I panic about my future,
 I regret things I've done in the past, 
I love and I lust and I hope and I pray that I don't ever fail to remember, 
how great it feels to just feel" 
- John O'callaghan. 
This is actually one of my absolute favorite poems. This is by the lead singer in one of my favorite bands called The Maine. This is my favorite poem because everything about it is so pure and true. Sometimes I don't want to feel because it all gets to be too much. Sometimes I really like someone, but they don't like me back in the same way or at the same level. That really sucks, so sometimes I wanna shut it all off. Sometimes, I'm extremely happy, but nobody else can be happy with me. That also sucks and so I wanna shut it all off. Sometimes, I'm so angry I can't even gather words to say, so I wanna shut it all off. Sometimes I'm so sad, all I can do is cry until I shut it all off. Then I read this poem and I'm reminded about how truly lucky we all are to feel. The times in which someone doesn't feel, it's so dull. 
Yes the pain hurts, but at least you know you're feeling. Perfect is boring, remember? If we didn't have the anger, or the sadness or the heartbreak, life would be perfect. It would be absolutely perfect, and whereas I never wanna be angry, sad or heartbroken... I know it makes me human. So I'm okay with it. I have the healing to look forward to. 
The times that we all feel love, and happiness and excitement... those are the best times. And if we didn't feel those, then who would we be? Where would we be? What would we be? We're nothing without our pure, and raw emotion. 
That's why I love this. Every feeling, is something we should appreciate. Even the tough ones, we should appreciate them. Even if it's hard to. 

Listen to this poem HERE. It's really beautiful. I cried the first time I listened to it. :)
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