Monday, July 10, 2017

❝ Update on My Life ❞

I know I haven't really posted in awhile, and I know I need to. However, I've actually been pretty busy. I've been keeping myself pretty busy this summer because it is my last summer here before I START college! 
Speaking of, I am so beyond excited to be going to VCU in August. I'm not excited about the school part considering my counselor (whoever it may be) put me in TWO HISTORY CLASSES. What? I strongly dislike history (No offense....). I understand I have to take it, but I don't want to take two at one time. I'd rather take two sciences. At least they keep me entertained. 
But other than that, I got my housing and I got EXACTLY what I wanted! I will be living in Rhoads (a traditional style dorm) with my friend Cynthia! We're on the seventh floor. I also have two of my good guy friends living on the floor below us, so that'll be fun too. 
It's actually pretty great that Cynthia and I are roommates, and I know people tell you not to room with your friends.... but to be honest, Cynthia and I didn't really start talking until this year and we get along great so why not. I think living with someone I knew beforehand would be better for me as well. She's also going into nursing so she can take care of me. HAHA. 
I'm also excited because I can finally associate myself with people I want to. And be around the people I WANT to be around. Yeah, I could have done that in high school. But High School was seriously like a prison. There was little to no freedom and the clubs sucked. Sorry. This is my Sagittarius honesty coming out. 

I decided I'm starting a vlog now too. But it probably won't get anywhere, but I want to record and document all my adventures in college. But yeah, it probably won't get anywhere. 

I went to the zoo and it was so much fun. I love being in DC, and the city in general. Which is why VCU is now my school haha. The metro was honestly really nice too, like I used to think I hated it, but I underestimate the power and efficiency of the metro. 

I GOT A NEW TATTOO! It was a super spontaneous decision and I'm so happy about it. I think it was the best day of my summer thus far. My friend Emily texted me and said "Hey I wanna get a tattoo tomorrow" and I had wanted to go with her when she was telling me all of this back in the spring time. But this time she texted me I was like well crap now I want my tattoo! A week or so before she texted me I went to my tattoo artist to talk to her about getting the planets going down my spine. But she was booked until September 8th, and I'd be in college. So I wouldn't be able to get it done by her until November. I really wanted a new tattoo though... 
So for some reason... when Emily texted me... that just made me want one extra bad. So I told her I wanted one, and that same night I found a random, but really pretty tattoo online and I said "I want that".
So then I was with my cousin, Krystle, and I told her I was going to get a tattoo. I expected her to just be like "okay cool" but then she said she wanted one! I basically convinced her to come with us and get one the same day. So she did. Really, all three of us, Emily, Krystle, and I, spontaneously decided to get tattoos last Sunday (July 2nd). 
The tattoo artist I went to was so nice, and I love her. Like, I would go back to her for my next tattoos. Emily got "Love you, Grandma" in her grandma's handwriting on her ribs. It was from a card her grandma gave her. It's really sweet. 
Krystle got roman numerals on the backs of her ankles with her mom and dad's birthday on each ankle. 
I got a rose on my ribs, like on the side of my boob. It was honestly, the worst pain I think I've felt thus far in my life. I knew rib tattoos hurt, but I underestimated the pain. I truly did. I was sitting there, trying to breathe... squeezing my friend's hand. It took 10 minutes, but it was sooooo bad!!! Makes me not want a rib tattoo ever again, but I have one more.... I need to get one more rib tattoo and I'll be done. But now I feel like I can do anything because I survived that pain. 

But not really....

Okay well that's my life right now! I'm going to New York this weekend, and then I have my VCU orientation on Monday and Tuesday! Very excited. 
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