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❝ My Opinion on ALL the Zodiac Signs ❞

My friend that follows me on my finsta (a fake instagram account... for those who don't know. It's just an account to spam on and post ugly seflies on. Just be yourself without having to worry). Anyway, my friend told me that I should make opinion videos on all the signs. He was totally joking, but it was such a great idea, so I did it! And everyone loved it so I decided to do it on my blog too, for those of you who don't follow me on finsta and can't see it. 
Now let me just say, I am not naive enough to believe that everybody is EXACTLY like their sign. I understand that with zodiacs, you have to take everything with a grain of salt. Some people are exactly like their signs, and some aren't. I get it, okay. Another thing to note is that I usually learn about the signs as I meet them. There are some signs I don't know very well because I really don't know them. 
Now onto the fun stuff. I'm going to go in order, so we will start with Aries. 
Aries:  So I tend to be very attracted to Aries. A lot of the guys I'm attracted to have been Aries, and my best friend is an Aries. I think it's because my moon and rising sign are in Aries so I can technically claim to kind of be like an Aries. So, I am seriously a pure fire sign. What I really like about Aries is that they're usually very fun and outgoing and energetic. Kind of like Sag. I think Aries are kind of like Sagittarians in a way and that's why I, personally, get along with them really well. Yeah, I generally tend to like Aries a lot and I am usually attracted to them as people. I like gravitate towards them. I guess I'm a little biased towards Aries lol. 
Taurus: I don't know very many Taurus at all... but like I actually want to know some. So if you're a Taurus, whoever you are, let me know. I've known Tauruses to be really down to earth. I mean, it makes sense since they are earth signs. I guess. I really wish I could say more about Taurus, but I really don't know any. 
Gemini: Okay, again, I don't know very many Geminis. No offense, one of the bad things I know about Geminis is that like I've heard they are kind of two faced sometimes. I mean, it makes sense though.... they have two faces... the sign itself. The gemini has two faces hahahaha. Don't worry, every sign has their negative traits. But the one Gemini I did know was a very fun person so that's a plus. But I don't know very many, I think I've only known one in my whole life. Well, in my whole life of being involved in zodiacs. 
Cancer: I actually know a few Cancers, and only one of them is as emotional as Cancer are known to be. Cancers are known to be super emotional. But, Sagittarians are sensitive and it can be the same thing. As a Sagittarius with both my moon and rising sign in Aries, I'm known for my strong emotions. I actually really like Cancers. I like all the Cancers I've ever been in contact with, despite the fact that they are water signs. 
Leo: Leos are intense.... But they are fire signs. Leos do kind of annoy me sometimes though. Only because they think everything revolves around them. In a way, yeah it kind of does, their "planet" is the sun but that trait kind of gets on my nerves a little bit. But one of my really close friends is a Leo, and I like his energy. My dad is a Leo. They're very prideful which also annoys me beyond belief, but they are fun signs to be friends with. 
Virgo: Virgos are perfectionists. That's one of the only things I really know about them. One of my friends is a Virgo, but we aren't really close enough for me to want to know exactly what Virgos are like. Actually, my choir teacher that we all know I dislike with such an intense and strong passion is a Virgo. I'm just going to leave it at that. 
Libra: Libras.... Well my ex-bestfriend is a libra and she's psycho. Like she is actually psycho. I've never met someone so psychotic before in my life. I was baffled. She literally found a way to turn on me for no reason, it was actually very amusing but baffling. Anyway, I know Libras to be People People and I see that in all the Libras I know except my ex-bestfriend because well, she's psychotic. Libras tend to rub me the wrong way. They're air signs so they should be good for me, but there's just something about them that sort of just... I don't know. My cousin's best friend is a libra and I really like her. That's why I have to take zodiacs with a grain of salt. The other ones, they're a little iffy. 
Scorpio: Another water sign, but I LOVE Scorpios. Scorpios are super freaky, but I love it. My cousin is a Scorpio and she's the one that got me into Zodiacs in the first place. She's my inspiration and my best friend. The guy who suggested I make the videos is a Scorpio and I get along with him really well. I really like Scorpios, they're a really fun sign. One of my favorite signs aside from Aries. I think I'm biased towards Scorpios a little bit too. 
Sagittarius: I've learned that I could never in my life date a Sagittarius. I know how they are. Just going to throw that out there. We have major commitment issues which is what I think stems from hating to be restricted and always looking for freedom. I am just now realizing how I do have commitment issues with a lot of things. I don't have very many Sagittarius friends, but speaking from myself. We are super energetic, super extroverted and super outgoing and super honest so if you're looking for all those things in a person, Sagittarius is the sign you're looking for! My Scorpio cousin says she looks up to me for being honest and blunt. We are also very blunt which can get us in trouble. But I think that is both a blessing and a curse. 
Capricorn: I have known Caps to be kind of boring. One of my good friends is a Cap, but I just recently started getting closer to her, we will see how that goes. She isn't boring though, she actually wants to go out and do things which is cool. I don't know a whole lot about Caps though, I have been looking more into them though and getting real life experience more. All the Caps I've known have been super nice people though so I guess I can say I do like Caps!
Aquarius: Aquarius is supposed to be super good with Sagittarians. I don't know very man Aquariuses to say for sure. They are air signs which is a good thing. Actually, one of my good friends I met when I got accepted into VCU, she's an Aquarius. I spent a ton of my time at orientation with her and I absolutely love her. She's definitely the type of person I could hang out with more than just once. I think Aquariuses are super chill people and I really like them. 
Pisces: Pisces... haha anybody who truly knows me, knows I have issues with Pisces. They are really the only water sign that truly puts out my flame. The issue I have with Pisces is that the ones I know, they don't know how to let anything go. We get into petty arguments and instead of leaving it be and ending it when it needs to end, they like to continue it and that sets me off. They really know how to push my buttons. I really want to like Pisces like I like Scorpios and Cancers, but it's hard. There's just something about them. I love the people I know who are Pisces, I love them so much, they're family.... but they don't know how to let things go and that really upsets me. 
So those are my opinions on all the signs! I'm still learning more about every sign each day and again... taking it all with a grain of salt. But this is how I feel about all of them right now. (:
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