Tuesday, August 8, 2017

❝ My Beautiful Composition of Broken Part I ❞

One of my favorite poets, r. h. sin, created a book and it's called "A Beautiful Composition of Broken" and I have yet to read it, but I think it's a great idea. As in, everyone is broken, and I know I've said that before. But being broken is beautiful because it's a part of life that everyone has to go through. It sucks, a lot of the time, but every time it's necessary. Maybe you don't believe that, maybe you do. I'm a firm believer in that it happens for a reason. 
I'm going to share my beautiful composition of broken, but this is only part one because there are so many poems. Because some of the best poetry stems from the dark and broken pieces of a person. Some of them are experiences I have had myself, some of them are general experiences and some of them I have written for other people and the experiences they have told me. 


My heart bleeds for you
But you refuse to get your hands
A little cut 
To put back the pieces of 
My shattered soul. 

Natural Disaster

And you started a fire in my lungs, 
and it was beautiful 
but I can’t breathe. 
And you sent a hurricane 
through my veins 
and it was beautiful 
but it destroyed me. 

Beautifully Tragic

Our love was beautifully tragic. 
I don't know whether to smile,
Because I was given the chance to love you.
Or cry,
Because I'll never get to love you again. 

You Were Different 

I wasn't in love with you,
But you somehow broke me
In ways no one else could.
And I don't know what to call that.

Lonely Boy

Oh, Lonely Boy,
You loved her, 
I know you did. 
But you liked the feeling of being alone
More than you liked the feeling of being in love.
So she was just around for your convenience
But even she would rather be alone
Than continue to love a ghost. 

(Un)Beautiful Destruction

And all these walls came tumbling down. 
In this city that I called my home. 
My heart. 
It was a beautiful destruction. 
The chaos. 
It was mad.
But it was glorious. 
You were there every step of the way
Through all of my beautiful destruction.
But when you had to walk away,
I was left in a city of rubble.
All these broken buildings,
Were just buildings.
And all these broken windows,
Were just broken windows.
There was nothing beautiful about it. 


The magic is lost. 
I stopped wishing on stars, 
As they shot by. 
I stopped when my skies turned grey. 
The devoid of color masked the stars. 
I stopped making wishes on birthday candles. 
I stopped at 18.
That's when everything changed. 
That's when you changed, and I changed. 
And he changed, 
And she changed. 
Maybe it was always like this,
Maybe they were always like that, 
But it wasn’t clear until now.
I stopped making 11:11 wishes. 
I just didn't have the time. 
I was too busy changing myself, 
And finding myself. 
Trying to change others 
While I chased him. 
I didn't have the time 
Because I was too busy running errands 
For everyone but myself. 
I stopped picking dandelions.
It was only killing that beautiful flower,
And then spreading its seed to give someone else false hope.
It's sad. 
I'm only seeing this now. 
But nothing is the same.


You’re a monster, 
in an angel’s disguise. 
with a halo over your head, 
but the sun just hit your right. 
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