Tuesday, August 22, 2017

❝ College Life! ❞

So I am officially a college student as of Saturday! On Saturday, I moved into my dorm at VCU and it was super exciting. It also went a lot faster than I had anticipated but my mom, dad, cousin and brother helped me out. My dorm room is really cute, the only thing I'm missing is my fish bowl so I can get my goldfish which I will be naming Klaus. If you're an American Dad fan, you'll understand haha. 

I didn't cry when my family left me here, but it was sad and I do miss them a lot. But it's okay, I will be home haha. I did cry when I had to say goodbye to my best Jasmine though. We went to Target so she could get dorm stuff and that was the last time I was going to see her before I went off to college and before she went off. We got out of the car in my neighborhood and she hugged me and I just started crying rivers. Then she started crying and we were just standing in the middle of the street crying about how much we were going to miss each other. When she did end up leaving, we were still snapchatting and we were on and off crying about it. 

College life is pretty fun so far, it's honestly a little bit tiring. Welcome Week isn't really what I expected. I mean I haven't done too much having to do with it, I've really just been hanging out with my friends and the new friends I've made. None of the events have really been eye catching. 

The first night I was here we did go to a party, it wasn't fun. It was too crowded and I was sweating too much. We were going to go to a frat party, but they were kicking out all the guys and only letting girls in and I do not want to party with all girls. There's absolutely no fun in that haha. 

All my floor mates are so sweet and super cool! The girl that lives right across from me is into crystals and astrology and all that stuff and I totally connect with her on a spiritual level. I love her already haha. To be completely honest, I know I'm outgoing and stuff but I didn't expect to make as many friends as I did so quickly. I mean, my roommate and I already have a "crew". 

I also reunited with my BFF Emilio from middle school. I haven't really seen him much since middle school so it's really nice to be hanging out with him again and he lives on the floor below me which is cool too. His friend, Jayline, just became my BFF too. I love her, she has really great energy. So yeah, I'm making a lot of friends and I'm super happy! 

I'm going to post pictures of my dorm now! Just so everyone can see. It's basically finished except we are getting another rug for the middle of our room and we haven't hung the lights on the ceiling yet and it's a little messy right now but it's what we have so far!

So this is when you first walk into the dorm, that's Cynthia's desk/bed and mine is to the left of the pic. 

This is the living area basically, where we are getting another rug to put here. We have a fur rug by the entrance. The view we have would be amazing. We can see Monroe Park perfectly but unfortunately, it's under construction so all we see is construction. (:

So this is my desk. I have my mini coffee pot and some tissues, my makeup bag, all my crystals and my books and some coffee mugs and obviously my la croix at the bottom haha. That glowing light under my desk is one of those light things that melts wax and makes the room smell good. I can't have candles to make my room smell good, so I found a loop hole. HAHAH.

This is my bed! Cynthia and I decided to have a grey/white theme with some pops of color. So this is my bed and it's actually pretty comfy. It's not too bad other than the fact I've hit my knee several times on the wall because I like to stretch out when I sleep but that's kind of hard in a twin sized bed! Also, there's glow in the dark writing on the ceiling right above my bed that scared me but it was kind of funny. 

This is the wall by the door, we have our cute tapestry and the rug is beneath the mirror and like over in that area. But yeah this is our dorm! I really like it. (: 
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