Sunday, September 10, 2017

❝ VCU Fashion Photoshoot ❞

Hellooo! I am finally making another fashion post! It's been forever since I've made a fashion post. However, when I was home I wasn't really motivated to be involved in fashion like I am at VCU now. I have actually joined a fashion club at VCU and it's really cool. The fashion scene here is absolutely amazing; There is such a variety of style here. 
Not only is the style amazing, the people here are super nice and friendly. People will just approach you, which is kind of new to me because people in NOVA aren't like that at all. A photographer came to my roommate and asked if we would like to do a photoshoot with him. Of course we accepted the offer. The photoshoot ended up being really awesome. We walked around campus and picked different, aesthetically pleasing spots and got really cool pictures out of. 
Our photographer was Chasza McCaskill. If you're ever in Richmond and want your pictures taken, definitely go to him. He also rents a little spot out in a barber shop right on broad street, so if you're also looking for a cut, go to him as well! CLICK ON HIS NAME AND IT'LL TAKE YOU TO HIS INSTAGRAM! 
He also gets your pictures to you pretty quickly, which is always nice. And not only did he JUST take pictures of us, he framed several pictures for my roommate and I. It was such a nice gesture, I actually really wanted to cry because it was so nice. 
So big big big shoutout to Chasza McCaskill for being such a great photographer!!
Moving on to the clothes, we had two outfit changes. I wore a solid black dress I got from Forever 21 and paired it with a denim jacket from Charlotte Russe. My shoes were beige, suede and open toed heels from Charlotte Russe as well. 
My next outfit consisted of a pair of Express jeans, that cost me a lot of money but they're the prettiest jeans I own. They have flower patches on them, I was drawn to them the second I saw them. So of course I had to spend like $50 on them... they're originally like $80. I wore the same shoes as the other outfit. The shirt I wore was actually from a thrift store on broad street. Everyone knocks on Rumors because it's kind of expensive. It is more expensive than other thrift stores but unlike the other thrift stores I've been to, they have really nice clothes. I bought the shirt for $12 (I think, from what I remember ) and I absolutely love it. I had been looking for a shirt like it anyway. It's a sheer black shirt, so I wore it with one of my colored bralettes. This outfit is now one of my favorites. 
Okay enough with all the writing. Time for the pictures by the amazing photographer, and I will say his name again, Chasza McCaskill!!

Dress   Forever 21
Denim Jacket   Charlotte Russe
Shoes   Charlotte Russe

Shirt   Rumors Thrift Store
Jeans   Express 
Shoes ➳  Charlotte Russe
Bralette   Victoria's Secret
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